About Us

After a great deal of disappointment, PrimeInvestas developed out of the great need to answer our customer and employee questions with reliable, accurate information.

That is why we created primeinvestas.com, a website that aids customers as well as workers in businesses and various other fields with solving their questions from products and services from many different industries.

Since the time our company has been in business, our articles and content have been cited in major publications such Entrepreneur, and Independent.



Leen graduated from the University of Florida with a Master of Business Administration degree before pursuing a career as a manager, advisor, and marketer in the industry of retail and consumer services. After leaving her position in late 2019, she now manages and writes full-time at primeinvestas.com.

Martin Walker T. Writer & Editor

Martin Walker has been a freelance writer since 2012 and has a wide writing experience, SEO knowledge as well as web journalism capabilities. He previously managed and was the co-editor of The Postzone Journal magazine, and has four published books via Barnes & Noble Press.

Scarlett Zola WRITER

Scarlett Zola has been freelance writing from 2016 and holds a BA in English literature as well as an MS in integrated marketing communications. She is a passionate gardener, explorer and bargain shopper outside of work.


Mary graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, with a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering in 2018. She is a freelance editor, and her interests include UX design and temporary directing. She is the head of design at primeinvestas.com.