Does Tractor Supply Sell Hay?

Hay is commonly used as animal feed, but it can also be used as a mulch or compost in the garden. Hay is available for purchase at most farm stores, and it can also be found at some home improvement stores.

When buying hay, it is important to consider the type of animal that will be eating it. Hay is an essential staple of country life that is in massive demand. It is used as fodder for animals, cattle, and other animals, as well as mulch, sitting material, patio barriers, and roof covering in mud.

But does tractor supply sell hay? The answer is yes. Let’s see the facts and information concerning sale of hay at Tractor supply.

Does Tractor Supply Sell Hay in 2022?

Yes. Tractor Supply do sell hay in various forms. Many people may not know this, but Tractor Supply actually sells hay in various forms. You can buy bales of hay, Hydration hay blocks, grass bales, chopped hay feed, forage pellets, chopped forage, and alfalfa pellets are examples of suitable substitutes.

This is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable way to feed your livestock. Tractor Supply also has a variety of other feed options, so be sure to check out their website or store locator to find the nearest location.

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Why Does Tractor Supply Decide to Sell Hay?

Tractor Supply is a store that many people might not think of when it comes to buying hay. However, the store does sell hay, and there are a few reasons why this may be the case.

The first reason is that Tractor Supply caters to farmers and those who have an agricultural background. Farmers need hay for their livestock, so it makes sense for Tractor Supply to sell it.

In addition, Tractor Supply also sells other items that are related to farming, such as tools and equipment. This means that customers who visit the store can buy everything they need all in one place.

Finally, Tractor Supply is a nationwide chain, which means that it has a large selection of products and can serve customers in rural and urban areas alike.

Can I Get Hay At Tractor Supply Co.?

While you may not think of Tractor Supply Co. as your go-to source for hay, the truth is that the store does carry this type of feed for livestock. In fact, there are various types of hay available at Tractor Supply Co., including hay bales and packaged hay and feed. So, if you’re in need of some hay for your animals, it’s definitely worth a trip to this retailer.

Keep in mind that the type of hay you purchase will depend on what type of livestock you have. For instance, if you have horses, you’ll likely want to buy hay bales, as these are large enough to last a while.

If you have smaller animals, like goats or rabbits, then packaged hay and feed may be a better option, as it’s easier to store and transport.

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Is There Hay for Horses At Tractor Supply?

Yes, there is hay for horses at Tractor Supply. In fact, they carry a variety of hay feeds, including 2-String Coastal Bermuda Hay.

This type of hay is specially formulated for horses and is a great source of fiber and nutrients. It’s also low in dust and easy to digest, making it a popular choice among horse owners.

What Types Of Hay Does Tractor Supply Sell?

Looking for hay to feed your livestock? Tractor Supply sells a variety of hay types to fit the needs of your animals.

The most common type is the high fiber chopped forage. This type is lower in cost and mostly consists of hay that has been chopped into small pieces.

The western forage teff pellets are a more expensive option, but they are higher in fiber and protein. These pellets are made from teff grass, which is a high-quality forage grass.

Alfalfa pellets are a good choice for horses, as they are high in protein and moisture. Coastal Bermuda hay is a popular choice for cattle and horses, as it is high in nutrients and digestible fiber.

Chopped hay feed is also a good option for horses, as it helps keep them hydrated.

Hydration hay blocks are perfect for keeping livestock hydrated in hot weather.

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what Is The Cost Of Hay At Tractor Supply?

If you happen to raise livestock, hay is not expensive, but you will require a lot. In general, you can often get better prices with local vendors than with large-scale retailers.

Some typical costs for various types of hay at Tractor supply are as follows;

  • Standard 2-string Grass bale (Coastal Bermuda Hay) – $12.99
  • Western Forage Teff Pellets 40 lbs. $18.79
  • Hydration hay blocks 6 pack – $15.99
  • Alfalfa Pellets 50 lbs. – $18.99
  • Chopped hay feed 40 lbs. – $18.49
  • High Fiber Chopped forage 40 lbs. – $18.49

Does Tractor Supply Sell Alfalfa Hay?

Alfalfa hay is a popular type of hay for horses and other animals. It is high in protein and fiber, and some horses can even be allergic to it. So, if you’re thinking about buying alfalfa hay, it’s important to know where to buy it and whether the price is reasonable.

One place you might consider buying alfalfa hay is at Tractor Supply Company (TSC). They sell a brand of compressed hay bale called Standee Premium Western Forage Premium Alfalfa Grab and Go Compressed Hay Bale, 50 lb. for around $18.99. This seems like a reasonable price, especially since the bale is a good size and will last for awhile.

Keep in mind that not all TSC stores sell alfalfa hay, so you’ll want to call ahead before making a trip there.

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What Other Stores Do Sell Hay?

Well, besides the obvious answer of a pet or feed store, some other places you might be able to find hay are Walmart, Menards, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Hay is generally used as animal feed, but can also be used in landscaping or for erosion control.

It’s important to make sure you get hay that is intended for animal consumption, as some types of hay can be harmful to animals.


Tractor supply stores do sell hay. While this may be an unexpected item to find at these stores, they do carry it. If you need hay for your farm or livestock, be sure to check out the tractor supply store in your area.

This is a valuable resource for horse owners and farmers, alike. It is important to know what type of hay to purchase, in order to meet the needs of your livestock or horses. Be sure to ask the staff at tractor supply stores for help in making the best decision for your needs.

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