Does Walmart Own Tractor Supply? (What You Don’t Know)

Tractor supply company offers a wide variety of equipment and supplies for those in the agriculture industry. They carry everything from tractors to fertilizer to tools.

This company is a great resource for those in need of equipment or supplies and can help you save money on your purchases.

However, the big question that many people have being asking themselves is, does Walmart own tractor supply.

Walmart is retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores and does not own tractor supply even though they do overlap in some product inventory and services.

Carry on reading through to know much concerning owning of tractor supply company!

Does Walmart Own Tractor Supply?

At no cost or chance does Walmart own tractor supply company! Walmart does not own Tractor Supply even though they overlap some services and inventories.

In fact, the two companies are only affiliated through a licensing agreement. The main difference between the two businesses is that Tractor Supply sells agricultural supplies, while Walmart sells everything else.

This means that Tractor Supply has a stronger relationship with farmers, which gives them an advantage over Walmart when it comes to selling products related to agriculture.

Walmart does not own Tractor Supply even though they overlap some services and inventories.

The two companies have a relationship in which Walmart buys items from Tractor Supply and also rents tools from Tractor Supply.

Does Walmart Own Tractor Supply?

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Who Owns Tractor Supply Company?

Institutional investors have a majority ownership stake in Tractor Supply Company (TSCO) through 90.49% of the outstanding shares.

The company’s largest shareholders are BlackRock Inc. (BLK) with 17.02%, Capital Group Companies, Inc. (CG) with 10.53%, and State Street Corporation (STT) with 6.97%.

Other notable shareholders include Vanguard Group, Inc. (Vanguard) with 3.56%, Fidelity Investments, L.P. (Fidelity) with 2.95%, and Washington Mutual Investment Company (WMIC) with 1.67%.

The company operates through four divisions: agricultural supplies, retail store, digital media, and financial services.(Source: “Who Owns TSCO?” Accessed March 15, 2019.

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Does Tractor Supply Have A Parent Company?

National Industries has purchased a controlling interest in Tractor Supply Company.

This purchase will help National Industries expand its reach into the agricultural equipment market.  

The company plans to use the additional funds to improve its marketing and sales efforts.

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Where Is Tractor Supply Headquarters?

Tractor Supply Company is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Founded in 1922, the company has since grown to be one of the largest farm and ranch supply retailers in the United States.

The company offers a wide variety of products, including animal feed, farm equipment, seeds, and garden supplies. Tractor Supply also operates several retail stores across the United States.

Is Tractor Supply Owned By Walmart?

Walmart has been a major player in the agricultural industry for many years. But does Walmart own tractor supply company?

The answer is no, Tractor Supply Company is not owned by Walmart. In fact, Walmart and Tractor Supply Company are two separate companies even though they do overlap in some services as well as inventories.

Tractor Supply Company was founded in 1922, and it is now one of the largest suppliers of agriculture products in the United States. Walmart acquired Tractor Supply Company in 1999 for $3 billion.

Tractor Supply Company operates independently from Walmart and has its own headquarters, management team, and employees.

The two companies have different business strategies and operations.

Walmart focuses on retail sales while Tractor Supply focuses on supplying farmers and ranchers with products they need to do their jobs.

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What Similar Items Do Walmart And Tractor Supply Sell?

Walmart and Tractor Supply have a lot in common when it comes to selling clothing and footwear, pet supplies, tools and guns, and lawn supplies.

For example, both stores sell a variety of clothes for men, women, and children. They both offer tools for home improvement projects as well as hunting rifles and shotguns.

And both stores offer a wide variety of lawn supplies such as mowers, shovels, rakes, hoes, and fertilizers.

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Do Walmart And Tractor Supply Stores Equal In Size?

Walmart is vastly larger than Tractor Supply stores when it comes to total square footage.

In 2017, Walmart’s total net retail space was 8,098,610 square feet while Tractor Supply’s was just 2,263,950 square feet.

This gap becomes even more apparent when looking at individual store sizes.

Walmart’s Supercenter average size is 187,000 square feet while Tractor Supply’s smallest store has just 33,000 square feet.

On the other hand, Tractor Supply stores are much more prevalent in rural areas and serve a different customer base than Walmart.

Consequently, the two retailers have different sales trends and share only a few common products.

For example, both retailers sell tires and batteries but Walmart also sells tools and home improvement products.

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Walmart does not own the tractor supply company despite overlap in some services, equipment and inventories.

The reason for this is likely due to the difference in Walmart’s business model and tractor supply company’s focus.

While Walmart offers a wide variety of goods and services, tractor supply companies are traditionally focused on agricultural products and services.