How Does Makeeasygreen Make Money || Honest Review

Hey, welcome to our today’s review on makeeasygreen review.

In today’s review, we are going to recommend the best mobile app for people to make money online on the platform mentioned above. This is a social media platform and thus, if you are a person fond of the social media channels, this is then a top opportunity for you as far as making money is concerned. Mind you, it is making money out of something you love.

Numerous online investment platforms have recently increased worldwide due to the increased use of the internet, especially through social media platforms, which play a major role in marketing these platforms. Smarkchain is also a recently trending online investment platform and raised the alarm to internet users aiming to make extra cash.

We previously have reviewed sites such as Fatcoupon, Numerade, and BizzOpinion and mobile loan apps like branch international loan which are online sites that give people chances to make money online.

Our site aims at reviewing the various trending online platforms for investors to determine their credibility to make people make informed decisions on whether to join or not.

This is because sites allow people to make investments and eventually get away with their money. Therefore, we research the various existing information on the internet concerning the sites and then review them as legit or scams.

There are numerous reasons why one should go through this article and learn about and then, they will be free to make the right decisions on whether to join or not.

In today’s review, we are going to answer some of the burning questions regarding the platform such as how does work? When was the platform launched? Referral program, how to create an account and login to, and also, whether the platform is legit or a scam.

What does the Review Entail about

Many people have questions regarding makeeasygreen as an online investment site, and therefore, this article will review in detail the platform and act as a guide for you to make decisions.

What is makeeasygreen platform?

Makeeasygreen is an online business making it possible for people to earn and make money through social media. Various payments are used on this platform such as credit, debit cards, and PayPal when paying employees for tasks done.

A complete hassle-free as well as safe way to get revenues in the social media operations once tasks are done in, the platform provides people with instant payments whereby the money is forwarded straight to their accounts to enable them to cash out anytime they want to.

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According to the makeeasygreen, it has caused an uproar on numerous social media channels whereby members are paid to share their referral links. In fact, the platform has become the first one in making money online in a short time and has been doing great.

Members of the platform enjoy transparency, flexibility, and assured prizes daily through the use of a lucky wheel. With, any social media user regardless of their followers and then become successful.

One can also earn through the platform by referring or rather inviting family members and friends to join makeeasygreen using an individual’s referral link. When someone registers on the platform using their referral links, they get a commission for every referral.

Who is the CEO of the makeeasygreen platform?

This may sound surprising, but until now, the founder of the site is unknown. The owner has been in the shadows for a while, and the reasons behind this are still unknown.

Which countries does it work in?

As of now, this platform supports all countries such as South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ghana, Kenya, Canada, and many more.  

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How does one make money in makeeasygreen?

To start working and be a participant in this platform as well as earn real money, one must be registered on the platform.

To get started, therefore, one is required to visit their official website ( and complete registration and from there, one is ready to go.

When one registers on this platform, one is rewarded with a free $100 bonus and the platform allows one to start earning good cash by sharing their referral links when anyone clicks or registers through the platform, and from there, one is paid for doing that.

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One can also earn from makeeasygreen by referrals by referring their links with friends and family members and one is rewarded for every referral.

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Registration/ Sign-up in makeeasygreen

Want to join the site? Click here and you will be redirected to the platform’s website. The process is simple and does not involve any technicalities. Using an email account is even much easier. Input your preferred username, email and password then click on sign-up.

Check your email for confirmation and verification of your account to become a full member of the platform.

How to login 

Go to their login page by clicking here.

Input your email and password then click login.

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Referral program of makeeasygreen platform

As in numerous online platforms such as Jumia, an affiliate marketing program is present in as one can use their referral links to invite friends and families to the platform.

When one joins under the member’s referral link, the member will earn a commission for every person referred. 

When one registers on this platform using referral links, they are rewarded with up to 5 levels of commission.

They can make more money through the referral program by sharing referral links to social media channels and encouraging family and friends to register.

How to make withdrawals

Withdrawals in makeeasygreen are fast and easy which guarantees almost 15 minutes to an individual’s account.  When the payout threshold is attained, withdrawals are made instantly and could get into a person’s account within 24 hours.

One is eligible to make withdrawals on this platform once they reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

The minimum withdrawal amount in the platform is $20 and they are made through PayPal, Bitcoin, CashApp, and Venmo among others. payment proof

Until now, we have not found proof verifying the platform’s payment but as soon as we find one, we will definitely update this article as soon as possible.

Conclusion (is makeeasygreen legit or a scam)

This is what many are interested in as far as the Review is concerned with deciding whether the site is legit or a scam. After our research on the site, we have identified that it is a legit and trusted platform.  

Makeeasygreen is not a scam and it is 100% legit.

If you have trust issues on joining and are interested in making money online, you can follow this to see online making sites that pay through Payoneer and PayPal and maybe make a trial.

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